PSI Phenomena

PSI Phenomena
   The study of psychic abilities. Parapsychologists study two kinds of psychic phenomena. The first phenomena is Extrasensory Perception (ESP), which is when a person gets information using their mind, and not their five senses. This includes: seeing the future (Precognition), seeing the past (Retrocognition) which is often done in conjunction with Psychometry, seeing other places using the mind's eye (Clairvoyance, or Second Sight), hearing things with the mind that the ears could not hear (Clairaudience), reading someone’s mind or sending a mental message to someone (Telepathy) and sending your mind to some other place or time while your body stays in one place (Astral Projection). The other phenomena is Psychokinesis (also called PK) which is the ability to have some affect on an object without sensory input. This includes: moving an object (Telekinesis), causing an object to burst into flame (Pyrokinesis) and telling the history of an object by simply touching or holding it (Psychometry). Psychic research also studies hauntings, ghosts and trance mediumship. Also called Parapsychology. See TaischTaisch.

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